The best thing that ever happened to me took place one afternoon on October 25, 1975. I knelt beside my single room apartment in Tamale, northern Ghana, and said to the Lord Jesus Christ: 
Please, Lord, forgive me my sins -- I always knew I am a sinner. I'm sorry for my sins and the way I've gone my own way. I believe you died for me. Please forgive me. Come into my heart today and remain in my life forever!"
I probably didn't use the exact words the way I've stringed them here, but they are pretty similar to the way I felt and what I spoke to Jesus about. I remember this vividly because it was on my 19th birthday that year. I had just returned from a man who reminded me of the love of God, about my need to repent and be saved, live for Jesus, and head for Heaven. The way I felt empty and fearful and despondent in life, it was clear the Holy Spirit had laid the conviction right at my doorstep, my heart. So when I felt Jesus knocking on the door, I opened it for him. The subsequent meaningful living and deeply-seated joy marked the salvation of my soul and a journey with God, a winding journey through rough terrains of the world that requires that I hold the Lord's hand on daily basis. Thanks to the Lord for the privilege to serve him in various Christian ministries and the church.
Comfort and I married in 1988, and thanks to the Lord for our two daughters who have grown up to be beautiful Christian ladies: Alice Mina and Ruth Maria. With us are our extended families in the north and in the south. And "the communion of saints" is a great family.
Little by little, it dawned on me: this flair for writing, this interest to string words together to communicate meaningful ideas, is more than a hobby: it is a mission with a vision -- which makes it a calling. Mission: To make time and write effectively and purposefully every writing opportunity theLord brings my way and not be hindered by setbacks. Vision: That my writings will clearly communicate themes that glorify the Lord and drawreaders to him.
Since 1985, I've had the privilege of sharing time and expertise with my writer friends at home in Ghana and other African countries, and beyond. For many years, my function as Africa regional trainer for Media Associates International (MAI) has sent me to places like Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Mali, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda to interact with people who feel called to write for the Lord. Throughout my journeys, I've noted how imperative it is that fledging writers are given opportunity to learn writing techniques to sharpen their skills. Also, the MAI training conferences, LITTWORLD, began in 1988 and held in places like the USA, UK, The Philippines, Brazil, and Kenya have given me added writer-training opportunities.

When I travelled to Kenya in 1985 with the express goal of pursuing a higher education and exploring more writing opportunities, I ended up tracking three components of that objective: became an intern in a publishing ministry, became a newspaper columnist, and completed a BA degree in Communications in 1988. The internship helped to sharpen a career in editing and publishing, and the newspaper column helped me to expand my freelance writing. A decade later, I enrolled at the University of Ghana, Legon, Accra, for the MA degree in Communication Studies.
Editing and publishing as a career and occupation came to me unsolicited but definitely welcome. When Step Magazine in Kenya invited me to join the staff in addition to studying at Daystar University, it marked the genesis of a career in editing and publishing. Returning to Ghana in 1988, we set up Step Publishers and continued to develop, publish, and distribute Christian literature. As CEO of Step Publishers, I've been privileged to have good staff and board members over the years to work with. Thanks to God for years of pursuing the mission and vision the Lord laid on our hearts: To publish and distribute quality Christian literature for young people; so that those who read our literature will draw closer to God, develop a Christian identity, and deal with problems confronting them from biblical perspectives.


At a recent writers' training workshop in Kampala, Uganda: April 2013



Evaluating a participant's manuscript at a writers' training workshop in Pretoria, South Africa, 2012


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