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Chamba Jato was a witty old man full of practical wisdom and a lively attitude to work and life. One day he asked his son, “What is the difference between a squirrel and a rat by the way they construct their holes?” The son studied his father’s face carefully and knew immediately that the old man was about to release one of his life lessons, so he listened attentively after a brief response.
 “You are almost right,” Chamba Jato said after the son’s attempt, “both animals live in holes, but the squirrel taught the rat how to make an escape route out of their holes. When things get tough, out they escape!” The son listened carefully. An escape route, his father explained, is a Plan B, or an alternative, or a hiding place.
 “In life,” Chamba Jato concluded, “learn to have an escape route in whatever you do. You will need that route some day.” Simple but a timely lesson for all occasions. This biographical storybook is full of such valuable lessons from the old man’s journeys of experiences.   Welcome to the collection in this volume and learn from the great lessons he taught his children.
Says the author in his preface:  "This is a biographical storybook, the story of a man whose wits and wisdom you are about to experience. It is biographical because I walked with the man from infancy across my childhood to those slippery youthful days until I too became
an adult. Then the old man’s words becameeven more meaningful."
This is thebiographical story of his father.

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