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Wherever we’re going on this road of life, there is a thing or two about the journey’s twists and turns to be added to our storehouse of experiences. From there, we draw valuable lessons to help deal with problems that confront us. This collection of stories and short essays from the author, Lawrence Darmani, will scratch your mind and tickle your sides and keep you nodding and reflecting.  Take One for the Road – stories, soul-nourishing articles full of wits, wisdom, humour, surprises, and a wide variety of inspirational gems that inspire hope and encouragement.

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As we travel through this world, which is full of uncertainties and contradictions, we need every word of encouragement we can grasp – heart-warming words that provide hope in times of need. For a word in season nourishes the soul and warms the heart at every junction on our way to eternity. Strength for the Journey is full of encouraging words, challenging thoughts, inspirational stories, and a wide variety of personal experiences that will motivate and give you courage to journey on. 

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Lawrence Darmani believes that if the Lord Jesus had lived and grown up in our part of the world where palm trees grow, he would have told this parable about the palm tree:
The kingdom of heaven is like a palm tree flourishing in the forest. When the farmer observes it in his farm, he will weed around it, put manure in the ground, and wait till it bears fruits. He will then start harvesting, from the roots to the palm fronds. And when the palm tree dies, behold, even more fruits shall it bear.
The meaning of this parable about the palm tree would have been a hot subject for theological wrangling and academic debate, says the author. But for him, who grew up among palm trees and ate their fruits and used their many parts, the meaning of such a parable would have been easy to understand. He explains that the palm tree is life; the forest is this world; weeding and applying manure is the process of living a fruitful life on earth in the fear of the Lord; harvesting from the roots to the palm fronds shows how every aspect of life can be productive if surrendered and dedicated to the service of God! Palm Tree Parables is full of such inspirational stories and heart-warming ideas. These parables are true to life, easy to read, and highly motivational, showing how every day events hold great lessons for our personal growth. 

No one goes through life without leaving a footprint, observes author Lawrence Darmani. In the family into which we are born and where we are nurtured to grow; in educational institutions where we are tutored to gain knowledge; in our workplaces where we earn resources for our livelihood; in the neighbourhood where we live, we spread out footprints. Wherever we go and whatever we do -- at home with our spouses and children, at church with the brethren, when we travel and interact with people far away, and in our relationships, we live our marks on the sands of life. But what kind of footprints are we leaving as we journey along? In this fourth book in his inspirational series, the author tells perceptive stories that show a variety of footprints for our emulation.

101 Poems
ISBN   978 9988 618 09 4
“When the shore at last we win . . . who will remember we triumphed only by a hairline . . .?” asks the author in this collection of a hundred and one exciting poems. Arranged in eight progressive movements, these verses capture a wide variety of scenarios and humanity’s experiences, and they are set to thrill and crack the brains of poetry lovers and critics. 


This commentary book is a fitting companion to the bestselling Grief Child, as a textbook for the study of the set books and poems for Senior High Schools. The content includes plot and character analysis of Grief Child and In the Chest of a Woman, the drama set book that goes along with the prose. The author chose to work on the African poems for the study and not the alternate non-African poems. The author discusses various literary devices such as metaphor, simile, imagery, personification, alliteration, mood, flashback, symbol, hyperbole, and others. The analysis also come with sample objective questions and answers on the set texts.

The Head of Conference of Assisted Secondary Schools selected this book as the preferred commentary study guide for schools.

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